Keyboard Mapping


Please note that keyboard entry will only work when the Window containing the HP16C applet or application is active. Also, keyboard entry will not work while the cursor is on the “Help with Keyboard Entry” link below the applet or if the focus is on one of the register textboxes within the emulator.  If keyboard entry stops working at any point, please just click any button within the Calculator emulator (with the mouse) and keyboard entry should resume.


All key mappings are CASE SENSITIVE unless noted below.



Keyboard                                                                    HP16C                                   

Z or z (as in sleep Zzzz)                                                ON button

0 through 9 on keyboard or numpad                             0 through 9

A through E or ‘a’ through ‘e’ (not case sensitive)         A through E (top row)

f                                                                                   F (top row)

F                                                                                  f function key (orange)

G or g (not case sensitive)                                             g function key (blue)

/ (forward slash) on keyboard or numpad                      divide (÷) button

x, X, or * on keyboard or numpad                                multiply (x) button

- on keyboard or numpad                                             subtract (-) button

+ on keyboard or numpad                                            add (+) button

\ (backslash)                                                                 change sign (CHS) button

. (period) on keyboard or numpad                                dot (.) button

Enter on keyboard or numpad                                       enter button

Backspace                                                                   backspace (BSP) button

< (shift-comma)                                                            store (STO) button

> (shift-period)                                                             recall (RCL) button

$ (shift-4)                                                                     hexadecimal (HEX) button

# (shift-3)                                                                     decimal (DEC) button

O or o (Oh, not zero)                                                   octal (OCT) button

% (shift-5)                                                                    binary (BIN) button

F1                                                                                run/stop (R/S) button

F2                                                                                single step (SST) button

F3                                                                                roll down (R ↓) button

F4                                                                                X exchange Y (X Y) button

F5                                                                                go to subroutine (GSB) button

F6                                                                                go to instruction (GTO) button



The following key mappings support holding the button down when in f-mode:


Keyboard                                                                    HP16C                                               

0 on keyboard or numpad                                             0, display calc status

. (period) on keyboard or numpad                                dot (.), display memory status

Backspace                                                                   BSP. display prefix (mantissa) when in float mode

$ (shift-4)                                                                     HEX, show result in hexadecimal mode

# (shift-3)                                                                     DEC, show result in decimal mode

O or o (Oh, not zero)                                                   OCT, show result in octal mode

% (shift-5)                                                                    BIN, show result in binary mode